Why do you say that Polartec® is the best?

Malden Mills, Polartec@reg;

Malden Mills, Polartec@reg;

I believe Polartec®, manufactured in Lawrence, Massachusetts, is the best fleece available. I found the 200 weight perfect for use with this scarf. The fleece is soft, flexible, and is offered in a variety of colors. The reflective material works well on the fleece, it can be sewn on properly and provides excellent reflectivity. The whole is aesthetically pleasing.
This is what the manufacturer Malden Mills has to say about Polartec®:

Anyone who spends time in the outdoors knows that comfort and sometimes even survival depend on staying warm. All insulation fabrics operate by trapping warm air pockets and holding them next to your body. The more loft a fabric possesses, the more air it will trap. The key to creating warm fabrics that are light yet durable is the finishing process, and in this category, Polartec® has the most sophisticated facilities on earth. Polartec® stands for warmth without weight, durability and lasting value.

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