So how did I design such a cool reflective scarf?

That’s  me Dick Clemens in my Chinese  Red scarf

That’s me Dick Clemens in my Chinese Red scarf

Typical me, I go for a walk, pay no attention to the time, and then it gets dark. When the 18-wheelers go barreling by, I cringe, knowing they can’t see me. So I thought maybe I should wear something that showed up at night. But what?

I always forgot my reflective vest. I wanted something I’d always have with me, something that would be durable, functional and attractive. But I didn’t see anything in the stores. I decided I’d have to make it myself. Well, I did wear a scarf outside. Why not a reflective scarf?

Twenty five years ago I gave a World War I flyers’ scarf to my wife, Charlotte. She still has it, and it’s just as elegant and dashing today.

Thus was born the idea for the FLYBOYS BY BULLSEYE™ reflective scarf. Using that World War I scarf as a model, I designed a new scarf for the outdoors. I first planned to make just a few for family and friends. But then I realized what a useful and high-quality product I had, and how you might like it too.